Our Programs

  • Beijing Buddies is a chance for Beijingers – both locals and expats – to get involved with MCF and help migrant children at a grassroots level by teaching, supporting and inspiring them. It’s a great opportunity for people to become more involved in their community and to learn and be inspired themselves. Every week, our […]

  • Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences of your life. The children and adults you’ll be supporting through MCF will benefit hugely from everything you have to offer and, in return, you’ll experience an unforgettable culture and a lifestyle unimaginable back home. Program overview MCF has many volunteers who do more […]

  • Fun With Science Program is a hugely successful event that happens once a month. Dedicated members of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Beijing Local Section), the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Institute of Physics and Peking University volunteers come to our migrant schools to expose students to the fascinating world of Chemistry and Physics. Under […]

  • Another MCF cornerstone is the life-enhancing Health Checkup Program. This project is in conjunction with the GlobalCare Hospital and the migrant schools where MCF transports children to the hospital where they receive a full health checkup that is paid for by MCF and the sponsors. To date, nearly 2000 children have benefited from the extensive […]

  • Over the past three years over three thousand children received Christmas gifts. Thanks to MCF’s partners and sponsors. An army of volunteers wrapped and distributed these presents to excited and grateful children, many of whom had never been on the receiving end of such a great community effort.

  • Poor eyesight often keeps children at the low end of educational achievement. To counter this, MCF has created the Glasses Galore Program, during which children undergo eye examinations and are provided glasses if poor eyesight is detected. So far, 300 children have received glasses and their participation in class and marks have improved.

  • Thanks to this MCF program, students have gotten out of the classroom and into many interesting venues, including the Beijing Zoo that involved 270 enthusiastic students. Other places included the Beijing National Library, where students learned writing skills from Australian writers, as well as many cultural and dance recitals. These activities help build confidence give […]

  • A growing bond has developed between MCF-sponsored migrant schools and Beijing’s international schools that has resulted in many cross-cultural learning tools for all involved. Subjects include sports, photography, Fun with Science, arts & crafts and, of course, an English learning curriculum. In an MCF Kids’ Club, students of various ages at international schools, think up, […]