Special Project

  • The life story and struggles of a Tibetan woman within her own community as well as on the streets of Beijing.  Facing discrimination in her village because she opts not to remarry after becoming a widow, she came to Beijing because she needed to earn money to pay for her son Yang Qing’s schooling.  Even though […]

  • Xiao Yun is a migrant school’s teacher who MCF was supporting with her treatment for breast cancer. She has just been given the all clear from the specialist and she is now back on the road to recovery from her illness. This is good news indeed! My own feelings are that this was achieved because […]

  • helen老师你好!我是陶松,今年十六岁了。非常感谢你当年对我的帮助,才有了现在的我,如果不是你,我都不知道我会是什么样子。谢谢你老师,你是我的恩人也是我的亲人…   For those who don’t know the story of Tao Song, he is a boy who was found to have a serious heart condition during one of MCF’s medical checkups. This was five years ago and with the great support from The Beijing United Foundation and Hospital in providing two heart operations to rectify […]

  • Peng Changyu, the little boy who needs the support of the public, suffers from a number of medical conditions that reduce his quality of life dramatically. My appeal to everyone comes from personal familiarity with the boy and his problems and I am making a special request – this boy’s case is deserving of everyone’s […]

  • Fan Fan – the little boy who has cerebral palsy and is receiving therapy provided by Beijing United Family Hospital and sponsored by the Beijing United Foundation. He has shown great improvement with regard to the aqua therapy treatment he is undergoing. His speech therapy continues to show improvement and his ability to walk has […]