Peng Changyu, the little boy who needs the support of the public, suffers from a number of medical conditions that reduce his quality of life dramatically. My appeal to everyone comes from personal familiarity with the boy and his problems and I am making a special request – this boy’s case is deserving of everyone’s generosity. Please give whatever you can to reach the target of 280000 RMB for his operation. This amount may appear to be a mountain, but with one kind act followed by another it can become a level path for this little boy’s future.

Peng Changyu has recently started his therapy at the Tongren Hospital. The session consisted of identifying numbers and words when spoken by the therapist. He appeared very competent throughout the tests which showed that he could hear the questions as well as understand the words. This course of therapy will continue on a daily basis for a number of weeks in order to determine his hearing ability and cognitive powers. After this, the plan is to undergo surgery. To cover this course of therapy, 7300 RMB was deposited with the hospital and I would like to thank all those that gave generously in supporting Peng Changyu, especially the members of InterNations.

Allow me to thank everyone again and to wish you all the very best.

Migrant Children’s Foundation

Helen Boyle

+86 156-1100 9486

For donation please contact Helen Boyle.



  • Young Peng Chang Yu has had his operation yesterday 1st June 2017. Today I visited him and he looked comfortable. I spoke to the surgeon Dr Yang who assured me that the operation went well. The next three month will be spent monitoring his progress in getting used to the implant and developing his hearing skills. Because this is a special case, Dr. Yang was kind enough to offer this part of rehabilitation free of charge. My sincere gratitude goes to Dr Yang and his team of medical professionals for their interest in Peng Chang Yu case.
  • Today 14th June 2017, Fan Fan has moved on to another chapter in his improvements and development. Besides the therapy he is receiving care of Beijing United Hospital and Foundation, he undertook his first lesson in ridding a horse. This was a sight to behold. The care and attention he was given by his instructor was only matched by his own sheer excitement and enjoyment at this new experience. Riding a horse has great advantages for people that suffer from cerebral palsy and develops their ability for balance and movement. The plan is for Fan Fan to attend lessons provided by the H.O.P.E. organization every week under their sponsorship. I would like to make a special mention of Priscilla, the founder of H.O.P.E, Manuela the instructor and Luna, all of whom made today’s activity possible.