On a sunny winters morning, MCF’s volunteer teachers were up bright and early to make it to the first English teaching Saturday session at MingXing school for the semester. Whether they were new faces or familiar faces, all teachers soon got into the groove with their students, who were eager to learn as always.

Children learning

During the session, the student’s enthusiasm for learning and their progress built on from the previous semester was lovely to see.

Studying together

The hour and a half session saw the 6 different teachers and their teaching assistants in the classrooms going through revision of last semester’s classroom vocabulary, some work on pronunciation, and then a fun take on the game ‘Chinese whispers’ to bring the session to a close! Upon discussion, no one was really sure as to why the game is called that!

Teacher and students

A briefing and de-brief of the lesson was held by Lorna – MCF Curriculum and Volunteer coordinator extraordinaire, who made sure that the first session of the semester ran smoothly. Better yet, all were able to bask in the glory of the recently top to bottom cleaned store-room – which underwent a dramatic clean the week prior with thanks to Lorna, teacher and coordinator Paula, and new intern Stephanie, who brought a gang of classmates – who really helped get the room de-cluttered and spick and span in no time.


So, with things off to a great start, here’s to a happy English learning and teaching experience for our students and teachers at MingXing School this semester!

Students and teachers

by Maddy King