This morning, I accompanied Peng Changyu and his parents for an appointment at Tongren Hospital. The purpose of this visit was to determine the extent of his deafness and to establish how well the use of special hearing aids would be beneficial. This was his second visit and the ongoing plan is to continue checking what hearing he actually has and if the aids that are being provided will prove beneficial in the future. The proposal is he will attend the hospital daily for a three month period, each daily session lasting 3 hours. During each session, his responsiveness will be monitored by a professional therapist. Although it is early stages, the consensus is Peng Changyu does heave limited hearing which can be developed. This being the case, there is cause for having confidence in him being able to both hear and speak in the future. The cost of this treatment is 4500 RMB per month. MCF paid for the remainder of this month today and is committed to finding the costs of ensuring he completes this course of treatment. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the generous donations of the sponsors who have taken an interest in helping this little boy, especially InterNations for their generosity.