Marie Plaud

“What MCF does best is making volunteers feel like part of the family whilst providing them with hands on experience of working in the non-profit sector. There are an increasing number of organisations that will charge you exorbitant amounts for ‘volunteer experience’ only to place you on makeshift projects of no real value to the communities you are trying to help. MCF actually needs volunteers, they will not charge you and they will expect you to take on real responsibilities.”


“As a person who spends most of her time in relatively more modern and central parts of Beijing, rarely visiting the city’s remote suburbs, today’s visit not only made me understand the magnitude of inequality in the city, but also, and most importantly, the great potential and capacity of learning that these migrant children hold. It only takes people like me to listen more and recognize their daily efforts in changing their status quo through education. I am happy that the MCF today gave me an opportunity to do so – moments of humbleness and a short, but meaningful moment of break from what usually is just another bustling day in the city.”

Francesca Lupia

“It’s easy for Beijing-based expats to get caught up in the “foreigner bubble,” interacting only with fellow non-Chinese and growing comfortable with an insulated lifestyle. Working with MCF not only gave me the opportunity to practice Chinese and grow as a teacher – it also helped me gain a deeper and more complete understanding of life and society in modern China. Interacting with my students and using MCF’s fun and flexible curricula to learn from each other forced me to engage with China on a personal scale. My students’ curiosity, energy, and zeal for learning enthralled me, and allowed both sides to make great strides in language learning. Thank you, MCF, for your devotion to a fair and fruitful future, and for helping me find a meaningful and powerful connection to China that I hope will last for years to come.”